Pinina Podestà

Pinina Podestà


Pinina Podestà
is an Italian multidisciplinary artist who loves to experiment with traditional paints, drawing, digital art / video art. In the field of video art, he was an editor of many of its traditional works. Many of these were collaborations with international artists that use the use of a technique of “Exquisite Corpse.” His illustrations are many, often found in books by authors of note. Among its successes, she has participated in numerous international exhibitions of surrealist inspiration. His works have been published in numerous international art books. In recent years he devoted to video art by participating in numerous international festivals

Video title
“Triangles”, 2015, 05:04


Animal Eternal

It is no coincidence that the man decides his fate.
At what point he realized his freedom?
As he pushed his limits below which seemed right.
What were the reasons for the step and take his cowardice?
With such freedom?
As soon as we want to help a man, an animal or an act right,
Is not it true that you feel inhibited?
What could be more difficult than helping a man first asked for help?
“We are committed to be dissolved where he would make a decision ..”
What are the codes that govern the damage?
If the differences are the source of fear and refusal to accept dialogue,
It is not easy to look at the face of first and understand not to judge and be judged?
“Before every manifestation of animality, all the barriers that separate people collapse;
these subtle categories that share humanity is right and wrong,
honest people into criminals and disappear;
only the animal remains eternal. ”
“Every action that we act as if we were to act alone:
as if the rest of the universe was there to get the action ”
I wonder:
How do you build a hump, a me without violence?
What to do?
Always reminds men of their responsibility?
Or we believe free people,
can morality and devoid of moral defects,
that could be a dangerous illusion.
About morality is wishful thinking because of the weakness and human finitude,
Which inevitably obscurantism and authoritarianism
with consequences that had the image of Nazi Germany.
The responsibility is not something that you decide freely, but that is imposed on us.
We should learn that it is the responsibility that makes our freedom, feel called to responsibility.
If these words were enough to learn to look at each other, our responsibility would be necessary,
Ethical and moral otherness replace.
What consequences will be considered if a key requirement for the current existence is to feed the mind with hope?
With hope ..

With hope
Sami Tasman