Lisi Prada

Lisi Prada
A videomaker interested in a search for balance between conceptual and sensory, between ethics and aesthetics. She uses linguistic polyvalence as a resource for simultaneous multiple layers of meaning. With two solo shows in Spanish galleries she has participated in group exhibitions, screenings and festivals in numerous countries.

video title
Prayer_Three Cultures, 2012, 8 min.

Three Cultures. Jews, Muslims and Christians. Three monotheistic religions. The bells of Notre Dame in mosques and synagogues, the call to prayer of the muezzin is heard in churches and cathedrals, Pious voices of Arvit intertwine with the echo of the organ or the devotion of a Syrian boy. Permutation of sounds and images against blind faith that interprets and executes -in the name of one true God- the words of the Torah, the Bible, the Koran in crusades, holocausts and terrorism, blind faith that justifies any exclusion, violence and fundamentalism.

Prayer_Three Cultures_lisiPrada_2012_still_01