Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos

Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos

konstantinos-antonios goutos
was born on february 11, 1973 in larissa greece
larissa, thessaloniki, athens, kastoria, vienna, prague, weimar, rome,berlin, leipzig, krakow, genoa, enschede, lisbon, halle, paris, saarbruecken, marburg…are very important stations in his life…
during last years more than 70 different own works were presented in more than 250 film/media/art events (in 40 countries and 100 cities) of europe, america and asia…
he has been strolling (in) more than 50 cities, at this moment he strolls (in) different cities of germany. since 2010 he also creates under the persona the artwertease®

les mystères de paris I , 2011, 02:22

les mysteres de paris_1


the first p.art of a new paris.made series
with the title: les mystères de paris*
a ko.incidental documentary take, an (un)usual moment
taken on june 26, 2011 at 2 p.m.
with a normal digital video apparatus
without tripod – without camera moves – without zooming
without special lighting – without extra microphone – without effects
the sound and the length of the shooting are the original
there are no cuts in the scene
*The Mysteries of Paris (French: Les Mystères de Paris) is a novel by Eugène Sue which was published serially in Journal des débats from June 19, 1842 until October 15, 1843.