Fran Orallo

Fran Orallo


Fran Orallo
Fran Orallo was born in 1979 in Badajoz (Spain), city at which he lives and works at present. In 2006 graduated at the UPV, Valencia. Since then his work has been shown in many exhibitions, several biennales, and international festivals from all the world, with exhibitions in cities like Paris, Madrid, Mexico DF, La Paz or Montevideo.

Soundart – title:
Sound Collage – Collage Sonoro, 2015, 3’28”
Collage Sonoro N2 consist in a sound art work that want to show the chaos and confusion of the tragic night of the attack in Paris, for that I used fragment of different songs, modified and edited as a collage. The work shows the idea that we don’t laugh at God, we laugh with God, because our way to feel the religion it is healthier that the way they do.

Video – title:
Boys don’t cry, 2015, 5’46”
The video consist in a close-up of a men crying, the sound it is a collage of different old songs. The work just describes the way I felt after the Paris attack.

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