Agricola de Cologne

Agricola de Cologne

Contribution by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Comment: This is my contribution to The PARIS 2015 Memorial. Being myself a victim of a terror attack in 1998, I experienced the trauma of having survived after returning from a several months lasting coma. I lived like zombie for many years.

The video is the attempt to make the traumatic experiences perceivable via metaphoric images on an emotional level. The artist’s voice performing one of his musical compositions uses sound instead of words in order to symbolize the speechlessness and inability of the people surrounding him to react properly.

VIDEO [Dis]tortion_Projected]



Year of production: 2005, Format : Video, Video format : PAL 4:3, Shooting format : miniDV, Duration: 4:40
Director, producer, editor, sound, music, cinematography: Agricola de Cologne
PPresented on national and international festivals and media art events

Agricola de Cologne
is a curator, festival director and media artist from Cologne and creator of “PARIS, 13 November 2015 – Memorial for the Victims of Terror”