Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

Cheryl Ann Lipstreu
BodyPainter, 1st Place North American Bodypainting Champion 2015. Skin Wars Seasn 2 (GSN) contestant and
Professional Artist.

The Flag of France in Bodypaint
In honor of the victims of the recent tragedy of events I hope to share my art for awareness, love and hope for France. France is the home of ART and in this one of her darkest hours, the artists of the world feel her pain and respond in kind. Visions of Art to fill the mind.

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The Flag of France in Bodypaint, 2014, 5 hours
A personal artistic goal of mine is to create a bodypainting camouflage into every flag for each country in the world. Out of 196 countries currently I’ve painted 6. France was #4. Once every country is painted I intend to release a book with the collection. Please enjoy this my life’s work.

French Flag by Cheryl Ann Lipstreu