Ausin Sainz

Ausin Sainz

Ausin Sainz
Spanish videomaker
Individual exhibitions: Censored, Serendipity art, Salamanca, Spain.
I have not stolen, PIGS, urban intervention, Rome and Athens.
Collective exhibitions:
3 minuti x 30 articoli, Video Art, Deltarte, Rosolina – Rovigo, RHO, Italy.
Les Instants Vidéo Festival 28th 2014, Friche La Belle de Mai, Espace Culture, ADPEI, Videodrome 2 Marseille, France and [BOX] Gallery, Milan, Italy.
FAÇADE VIDEO FESTIVAL 2015 Art Today Association, Center for Contemporary Art – The Ancient Bath, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.V edition NemoArtFestival, Ship Grey Ant Gallery, Priego de Cordoba, Spain. # IBERENCONTROS1, Castelo Branco, Portugal.¡Qué come gigantillos !, Arco de Santa Maria, Burgos, Spain.
6th International Video Art Festival-2015 FIVAC Camaguey, Cuba.
ARCO 2015 (stand master architecture projects) Arcotargente, Magdalela Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
Total Art –Alienated Territories, and Alienated Timelines II, CologneOFF X, CEC 2015 – Carnival of e-Creativity, North Western Hills University Shillong / Meghalaya / India.
Meeting and Border Poetry Festival, Heritage and Art Vanguardia, PAN XIII, Morille, Salamanca, Spain; Cariviçais, Portugal.

Video ttle: 3 2, 1 Liberty, 2015, 4:44
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