Ahmad Nejad

Ahmad Nejad
Ahmad Nejad was born in 1968 in Lahydjan in Iran. Attracted since childhood by the language of art, it starts at the age of 13 years experiences in the field of painting and sculpture then moving to Tehran in 1987 where he studied at the School of Fine Arts. After several artistic and teaching activities, he moved to Paris where he continued his creative work exposing in France and abroad. Today he lives between France and Italy, while continuing his work as a painter, he also creates videos and video installations.

Video title
The change, Le changement, 2014, 6:58
In this series of videos, the phenomenon of appearance of the wall of the steam creates a change. Those who stay behind the wall lose their colors and the steam creates an ambiguity between two possible truths, the observer “believes” see or understand the different realities … Then, suddenly, the characters appear through the wall.
Wall steam that moves, changes and makes imagine pictures. Suddenly the characters appear or through that wall.
What is true “children playing with water and steam” and what shows from the truth “suffering, threat, Room Gas, pistol and supervisors” led us into a universe is the reality in reality.
What produces this phenomenon is simply the effect of the picture in slow motion by director who “are the most elegant images, meditative movements among the images.”
The effects of slow motion images not only provide the opportunity for a better look at the details, but also to perceive and understand the hidden things of images.
Even the sound is produced by the slow movement, and is the result of sound that was accompanied by a demonstration against the use of gas and chemical weapons in Syria, an event which took place while the children were playing in water and steam. Knowing this dramatic truth, not only in Syria, but of all the places in the war in which children are involved leads us to believe that perhaps the children subconsciously feel what is happening on the other side of the earth. Similar gestures, but in completely different situations.