The iTERROR Memorial


The iTERROR Memorial

  • Paris, 13 November 2015 Memorial
  • 9/11 Memorial (2001)
  • Violence Online Memorial (2002)

as a collaborative media art project, The iTERROR Memorial would like to be a place for commemorating the victims of Terror and threats related to terror, and consequently the victims of war, particularly all contemporary wars on Earth which all represent war and terror of potentates against the own people.


The commemorative project has been initiated on occasion of the islamist terror attack in Paris, 13 November 2015, standing in a long row of previous islamist attacks starting in the early ’80ies of 20th century and it was not the first and it will be not the last place targeted by islamist terror.

The iTERROR Memorial is including also the memorial sites-
Memorial for the Victims of 9/11 Terror – and –
Violence Online Festival
which was released on occasion of the Iraq war 2002/2003 running actively until the end of 2005.

But the MEMORIAL is dedicated all victims of terror, because terror as a tool for intimidating people through attacks and assasinations in order to change world the way the terrorists want – is widely practiced by political or religious extremist motivated terrorist, whereby it does actually not matter whether this terror is politically leftiist or rightist motivated – but not only the dead victims are commemorated, but also the surviving victims and family and friends of victims, because the loss of a beloved person through terror is causing deep physical and psychlogical injuries, which never heal.

The iTERROR Memorial would like to give the victims a voice, while the perpetraters rule the media. As a place for commemorating, The iTerror Memorial will be no static finalized commemorative context, but a starting point for spotlighting different types of terror or war via incidents which may symbolize, the kind and dimension of the respectively motivated terror. It is a dynamic work in progress.

But Paris 2015 has a particular symbolic power in many concern, and in this way, the terror attacks in Paris 2015 stand as a symbol for all islamist attacks in the Past, Present and Future.

The most recent islamist terror attacks on 14 July 2016 in Nice/France and Brussels on 22 March 2016 shows impressingly, how infamous and in what kind of dimensions the islamist terror continues and will continue, Brussels and Paris and all other places are only intermediate stations of an ongoing process which will accompany all of us for the coming decades.

nic-mem-16Islamist terror is no new phenomenon, but since the attacks of 11 September 2001, islamist terror got a global dimension, in so far, the Paris 2015 can be only a symbol and a synonym for islamist terror. The list of islamist terror attacks ssince 1983 on – WikiPedia – is giving evidence of the increasing dimension and relevance of terror as a tool for the world dominion. The attacks are addressed against the values of a free, democratic and civilized world.

Meanwhile this kind of terror has spread all over the world generating countless innocent victims, pain and sorrow for the survivors and the brutal destruction of historical monuments of mankind intending to replace the wonderful human civilization through incredible totalitarian barbarism.

The memorial project would like to contribute defending these values against an inhuman, uncivilized, insane totalitarianism of islamist terror whereever on the globe, and show solidarity and empathy for the innocent victims of isöamist terror in Paris and elsehwhere, but primarily it is its goal to encourage artists of different artistic disciplines to show solidarity with the victims of islamist terror, particularly because it the infamous strategy to attack “normal” innocent people in order to spread fear through terror via by participating and contributing (see also the ongoing open call adreesed to artists)

It is not the first memorial project of that kind created by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.
As a reaction on the 9/11 terror attacks, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne was one of the first artists who established 2001 an artistic memorial online dedicated to the victims of terror., in 2002, he established the Memorial for victims of AIDS –, Rainforest memorial –, TSUNAMI Memorial –

This latest memorial project would like to tie on the 9/11 memorial and continue commemorating the victims which will be never forgotten!

Initiated in 2015, the project became part of the Global Network Project in 2017 – The W: OW Project – We are a World – later this year, the project was transformed into the “iTERROR Memorial”, and in 2018 it became part of the media art context – The 7 Memorial to Humanity

The iTERROR Memorial

participating artists

Manuel Granados, Roland Fuhrmann, Matze Schmidt, Rola Shamas, Jonathan Johnson, Daz Dizley, Christian Bøen, Yaroslav Yanovsky, Alison Carmel Ramer, Pinina Podestà, Neil Ira Needleman, Lisi Prada, Fran Orallo, Ahmad Nejad, Francesca Fini, Cheryl Ann Lipstreu, Yuci Zhou, Sandra Becker, Ausin Sainz, Tashi Honnery, Sean Burn, Daniel Wechsler, Karl F. Stewart, Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos, Cesary Ostrowski, Corteggiani & Giraud

Violence Online Festival

9/11 – Memorial for the victims of terror